Dreamland Metaverse is actively supporting OpenSim development. Our CEO and founder is OpenSim core developer and member of the Open Metaverse Foundation. Our focus is on improving stability, reliability and to fix bugs and add new features, important for professional OpenSim users.


Our main contributions:

  • PayPal money module
  • Money Module for local grid currencies
  • Mumble voice for grids
  • Group permissions
  • Group owned objects and parcels
  • Estate management functions
  • Region notification extension
  • Scripting extensions
  • Land-for-sale icons on map
  • Feature to restrict clients used
  • Improvements of RemoteAdmin module
  • User level based security extensions
    (HyperGrid, asset uploads and group creations)
  • Various OpenSim bug fixes

We also offer OpenSim software development services, for example to implement customer specific OpenSim extensions for advanced virtual world applications. If you are interested in OpenSim software development, please contact us for further information.