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RT : STATUS: Grid is currently offline due to asset server disruption, sorry for the inconvenience. 29 weeks 6 days ago
RT : STATUS Grid is back online, sorry for the delay 34 weeks 11 hours ago
RT : STATUS: Grid is offline while we sort out a routing issue with our ISP 34 weeks 1 day ago
RT : Reader poll: does OpenSim need VR support? 34 weeks 3 days ago
RT : Firestorm Release 37 weeks 5 days ago
CUSTOMER NOTICE: Planned downtime is over and all services are back online. We replaced another server with latest high performance hardware 38 weeks 2 hours ago
CUSTOMER NOTICE: Planned downtime of some services from 11pm PDT, 2am EDT, 8am CET for 3-6 hours, to upgrade another server than before. 38 weeks 1 day ago
CUSTOMER NOTICE: All services and web site are back online. Server is in good state, now, providing the usual high availability and quality. 38 weeks 1 day ago