Dreamland Tops this Year’s Hosting Survey

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By Snoopy Pfeffer - Posted on 31 December 2013

We are happy, that again in 2015, now two years in a row, a survey conducted by the online magazine Hypergrid Business clearly shows, that Dreamland Metaverse is the leading OpenSim hosting provider in the categories stability, performance, support, user interface and recommendations.

Statements of our customers were:

In the past seven years I have done business with Oliveria, Zetamex, and Dreamland. [...] Dreamland is by far the best grid hosting provider! In over a year of service with Dreamland there has been zero downtime, no random or unexpected changes to interface or tinkering with services, and stability of ownership. Dreamland gives you exactly what you want in a grid with fast service.”

Since moving over to Dreamland, the reliability and accessibility for my grid has been unrivaled by any other host I have been with outside closed grids. [...] Any questions that I have are answered promptly and with experienced detail. Would and have recommended them to colleagues and community friends.

Here you can additionally find information about 2014 survey ("Dreamland Outscores Rivals in Hosting Survey"), that we did also win.