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Grid Integration - Overview sticky icon


We provide the following tools and management interfaces, that allow grid owners to integrate their grid with their OpenSim grid web site and backoffice systems:

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Dreamland Metaverse offers Vivox Voice sticky icon

Dreamland Metaverse is happy to announce, that with the new year we offer Vivox voice as an option for our customers. New and existing customers can request Vivox voice for their OpenSim regions and grids. There are no additional costs for our customers using this basic Vivox voice option.

Features supported by Vivox voice:

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Ruth and Cloud Avatars


Depending on the viewer you use, avatars with an incomplete or a damaged appearance are shown as Ruth avatar (default female avatar) or as cloud. Newer viewers show a cloud, while older viewers show a Ruth avatar in such cases.

This article describes what you can do to fix the appearance of an avatar, so that is shown properly again.

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How to do a HyperGrid Teleport?

What is HyperGrid?

HyperGrid is an OpenSim technology, that allows users to teleport from one OpenSim virtual world to another. This functionality requires, that both, the originating and the destination regions and grids, have the HyperGrid feature enabled.

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How to Optimize Performance?

Kinds of Performance Issues

When using OpenSim you might experience the following three kinds of performance issues, causing so called lag:

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Why we use Dedicated Servers?

Virtualization Technologies

When you have a look at other OpenSim hosting providers, you probably recognize, that most use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Cloud Hosting Services as basis for their offers. Some providers even do not mention what kind of hosting they base on, where you can expect that they use some cheap VPS for OpenSim.

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Disable Accept Vivox License Viewer Message

If you experience that your viewer asks you to accept the Vivox license agreement and if the Accept button is grayed out, do the following:

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Restricting Grid Contents and Grid Access


Restricting grid contents and grid access is a topic mostly interesting for professional OpenSim users, like for corporate or e-learning virtual world solutions. Until now, such grids or standalone regions most often were completely closed worlds, to protect the contents and to avoid unwanted visitors from outside.

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Grid Integration - Grid Map

We provide an interface that allows you to display the grid map of your OpenSim grid. Simply open this web page:<grid name>

Example grid map:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section on this web site.

It contains many interesting articles, advices and 'how to' descriptions.

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